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Consultation on the management of recreation across the New Forest

From 19 June to 13 August there is a ‘call for views’ consultation about the management of recreation across the New Forest. You will find a news release about this here:


Our overall aims are to:


  • provide the best recreational experience for local people and visitors
  • protect the very thing people come to see – the spectacular, yet fragile landscape which is a haven for many rare wildlife species
  • ensure limited resources are spent wisely.


By following this link you will find further information about the consultation and the survey questions we are asking.


The consultation is being led by the New Forest National Park Authority on behalf of the six organisations on the Recreation Management Strategy Steering Group: Forestry Commission, Natural England, Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council, Verderers of the New Forest and New Forest National Park Authority.


At this stage in the process, the Steering Group is not making any proposals – we want to hear which topics the public and other organisations think should be prioritised and why. Draft proposals will be drawn up during the autumn and winter, followed by public consultation about these next year.


We would be pleased to hear your organisation’s views both at this ‘call for views’ stage and next year.


Please let your council hear your views either directly or by sending a copy of your representation to them.


 New Forest National Park Authority - Further consultation on the Draft Local Plan. 

Here is an extract from the NFNPA website:

Consultation on potential alternative housing sites: 14 June - 26 July 2017

“We have recently received advice from Natural England on the issue of greenfield residential development close to the protected habitats of the National Park. As such, we have re-assessed a number of the proposed Local Plan housing site allocations. Between June and July 2017 we are inviting feedback on potential alternative housing sites and the comments received will inform the preparation of the Submission draft Local Plan in October 2017. Full details are in their consultation document and on the New Forest National Park Website at

Largely this does not affect Brockenhurst but maybe of some interest as it may impact on new housing allocations within 400 metres of the New Forest Special Protection Area (SPA), and areas of flood risk.

Notes - Paragraph 115 of the NPPF confirms that National Parks have the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty. Paragraph 14 of the NPPF identifies National Parks as areas where development should be restricted. The Housing White Paper (February 2017) proposes a strengthening of this position.  Page 79 of The Housing White Paper gives details.

Closed consultations and Brockenhurst Parish Council’s responses to them.

Forest Design Plan Response. June 2016

Hampshire Waste and Recycling Centres June 2016

New Forest District Council’s Public Consultation on the Local Plan Part One Sept 2016

New Forest National Park Local Plan Consultation Draft October 2016