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Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire


Brockenhurst - the New Forest Village set amongst delightful landscapes.

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Highwood Road
Brockenhurst Hampshire
SO42 7RY
01590 622829



 Mrs M Pattison



New 105 Phone Number for power cuts

Many people mistakenly call the electricity supplier to whom they pay their bills. That’s why the electricity network operators have introduced 105 – to give you an easy-to-remember number to call that will put you through to the local people who can help. You can call 105 no matter from whom you choose to buy electricity.

Remember, cordless phones probably won’t work during a power cut as most don’t have battery back-up. Traditional corded phones will work – you might want to keep one handy so you can plug it in if you have a power outage. In most cases, mobile phones will work if they are charged.

The Priority Services Register is for people who might need extra support during a power cut; for example, people who need electricity for vital medical equipment. If you are on the Register and you have a power cut, you should continue to call the phone number that you have been given. 

New Forest Marathon

The 2016 New Forest Marathon appears to have avoided causing the level of disturbance caused last year and the negotiations between the organisers and the Parish Council seems to have played an important part in this.

Government & Development Planning

Development is controlled by policies in a Development Plan - e.g. setting out where houses can and can't be built. Planning Applications are accepted or refused based on this Policy.

Both the New Forest District Council and the New Forest National Park Authority are reviewing their Development Plans because they must deliver Government Policy particularly they must plan to build enough homes for the future. This means they must set policies saying where the big housing developments must be. Both Authorities are conducting consultations are to get peoples' views on the potential locations for the new housing development they need to accommodate over the next 20 years.

While the New Forest District Council Local plan does not cover the area within the National Park it will impact on Brockenhurst. The Parish Council has responded to this. Please our consultations page for further details on this important topic.

It is expected that the National Park Authority will launch its consultation in early October.

Brockenhurst Superfast Broadband – update  Sept 2016.

Our last report on progress for Superfast Broadband was that for the remaining two areas to be equipped in central Brockenhurst, HCC and BT Open Reach are doing all they can to complete these by the end of this year but with some of items to be resolved this timescale could extend into 2017. The customers involved are those in the general area of the Catholic Church (connected to BT Box 1) and the New Forest Drive Area (connected to BT Box 2). At the time of our previous report it was noted that there is a need to secure the necessary permissions from the relevant authorities and that there is technical issue with the cable ducting along Rhinefield Road. Since that time it was found that the cable ducting under the Watersplash Bridge is damaged and replacement has to await HCC repair of the bridge. The bridge repair was complete in early September. This, together with the other issues, makes the achievement of the Superfast Broadband completion by the end of this year a greater challenge and therefore the completion is more likely to be in 2017. When HCC/BT Open Reach reappraise the timescales, we will update our website.

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